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TOPZhang Yu Gold Medal Brandy

The Gold Medal Brandy of the Zhang Yu brand and Sunflower brand are produced by Zhang Yu Group Limited Corporation in Yantai. In 1915, it won a top grade prize at the Beijing Domestic Products Expo. In the same year, it won the first grade medallion at the Panama Ten Thousand Nations Commodity Contest in Los Angeles, America. In 1929, it won a top grade prize at the Chinese Domestic Products Expo of Chinese Commercial Department and the title of national famous wine, gold medal and silver medal at the first, second and third national-wide wine evaluation conference. In 1984, it won a gold cup prize at the Light Industry Department Wine Quality Contest. In 1987, it won a silver medal at the 25th international high quality product selection conference in Brussels, Belgium. In 1988, it won a gold medal at the 26th world product selection conference in Athens, Greece.

TOP"Sunflower" Brand Weimeisi Wine

The "Sunflower" Brand Weimeisi Wine of Yantai as one of the national famous wines is a traditional famous product of the Zhang Yu Pioneer Wine Co. Ltd. in Yantai, Shandong Province. Since it has special raw materials and superior brewage techniques as well as the respective characteristics in color, fragrance and flavor, it is sold in Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and all nations in Europe and well received in the international market.

TOPFamous Yellow Wine

The yellow wine as one of the three ancient wines in the world originates in China. It can only be found in China, which can be called original. The Yellow wine has a widely distributed production areas and quite a range of varieties. The famous ones include Shaoxing Traditional Rice-adding Wine, Fujian Old Wine, Jiangxi Jiujiang Jar-sealed Wine, Wuxi Huiquan Wine, Guangdong Pearl Red Wine, Shandong Jimo Old Wine, Lanling Fine Wine, Qinyang Black Rice Wine, Shanghai Old Wine and Dalian Yellow Wine, etc. However, the one that is acknowledged by the Chinese vintage field, best received in the international and domestic markets and representative of the general characteristics of Chinese yellow wine is Shaoxing Wine.

Yellow wine is a national specialty of our country. The brewing method of using yeast to make wine and complex fermentation is markedly different from that of other brewed wines in the world. The discovery of yeast, which is regarded as the fifth invention of China by some learners at home and abroad, is a great contribution of Chinese working people in ancient times. More importantly, yeast exerts a profound influence on the modern fermentation industry and enzyme preparation industry.

TOPShaoxing Rice-adding Wine:

Shaoxing Yellow Wine can be called the best of yellow wines in our country. It has enjoyed a great reputation in the history and been recorded in the literature of past dynasties. Since the Song Dynasty, the development of yellow wine in the Yangtze River Delta has entered a golden era. Especially when the South Song regime established the capital in Hangzhou, since Shaoxing was not far from Hangzhou, Shaoxing Wine made substantial progress. Among the then famous Shaoxing Wines, Penglai Spring is a rare product. Shaoxing Wine is sold all over the country and exported abroad. It has almost become a pronoun of yellow wine. At present, Shaoxing yellow wine makes up the largest proportion of the export wines.


TOPJimo Old Wine:

Jimo old wine belongs to the yellow wine. It is none of the famous classical wine in China. It has original flavor and rich nutrition. The Jimo old wine, which was called "Lao wine" in ancient times, is produced in Jimo County, Shandong Province.


Magistrates presented "Lao Wine" to the royal family as a rare product in ancient times. During the years of Daoguang period in the Qing Dynasty, the production and sale of Jimo old wine reached the highest point. The old wine not only enjoyed fast sale in the big port cities all over the country, but also was sold to Japan and the nations in south Pacific.

Jimo old wine has clear and transparent, dark reddish brown liquid with thick fragrance and pure and thick taste. Though it is slightly bitter, it has lingering fragrance.

TOPHeidu Wine:

Heidu wine is produced in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province. It is brewed by the rice feeding method. Since milled long-grain nonglutinous rice is scorched and boiled into black rice juice during the production process, it is called Heidu wine.

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