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Famous Stores
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TOPFamous drug stores

  Yong'an tang Drug Store

Yong'an tang Drug Store was found in the year of Yongle in Ming Dynasty. To nowadays, it has been more than 580 years.

From that found day, Yong'an tang Drug Store take honesty as its principle. The quality raw materials in Yong'an tang Drug Store are collected from other provinces. Medicines of Yong'an tang Drug Store are elaborately made and they are very effective. 

Yong’an tang Drug Store is famous for the quality medicines, honest service and excellent management. Many famous people praise it by writing banners.

Location: No. 366 of Chaonei Street, Dongcehng District of Beijing

Tongren tang Drug Store

When people mention about drug stores in China, the name of Tongren tang Drug Store appears in your mind at once. That is true. On the history of China, Tongren tang Drug Store is really a miracle.

Raw materials are quality and medicines are strictly made in Tongren tang Drug Store. Experts in Tongren tang Drug Store make medicines according to the proved folk prescriptions, family heritage secret prescriptions and court secret prescriptions. From the 6th year of Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty, Tongren tang Drug Store provided drugs to the court. 8 emperors had used the drugs of Tongren tang Drug Store in Qin Dynasty. The court drug supplying history of Tongren tang Drug Store lasted for 188 years. 、

Location: No. 24 of Dazhalan Street, Front Gate of Beijing

Leren tang Drug Store

Leren tang Drug Store was named as Leshoutang Drug Store at first. It was found in 1923. The main drugs in Leren tang Drug Store are pills, powders, plasters, pellets, and drinking herbs.

Leren tang Drug Store is also famous for its honesty and high-level quality.

All the stuff in Leren tang Drug Store are required to have knowledge of drug and Chinese medicines. Le Youshen(the shopkeeper of Leren tang Drug Store) likes employing stuff who can manage himself, so all the stuff in this store obey the rules of Leren tang Drug Store .

Le Youshen had built a deer garden in the south of Beijing. In this deer garden, thousands of deer were kept. With this deer, Le Youshen made good drugs. Besides this, Le Youshen planted many herbs. With theses fresh materials, Leren tang Drug Store made high-quality drugs and enjoys a great fame.

Location: No.215 of Sibei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing     

TOPFamous hospital

Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of Liaoning Province

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