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Beijing Opera
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The availability of recreational facilities in big cities grows day by day. All the residential areas are equipped with fitness areas including fitness clubs, bowling rooms and swimming pools. Hotels often have also find the bowling rooms, billiard rooms, gymnasiums, closed-circuit television and the satellite TV in the 3-star hotels or above. Recreation areas in cities such as the singing and dancing halls, night clubs, bars, and KTVs are often open all night.

Extreme sports events have found their place in China with quite a few extreme sport clubs like slip board clubs, wheelbarrow clubs, bungee jumping clubs, and para-glider clubs being established. The gymnasium and sports centers often hold football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, track and field sports tournaments.
On the heath front there are herbalist, acupuncture and massage centers, sauna and physiotherapy centers, blind massage, and drug-dip bath treatments to satisfy all demands from their customers.

Suburban areas have amusement parks, holiday villages, folk culture villages, safari parks, ecological parks, botanical gardens and angling area for holidaying.
In the large-medium cities throughtout China, cultural institutions such as concert halls and theatres have been built to host sino-foreign national concerts, symphony concerts, song and dance & drama, ballet and acrobatics. Among the numerous local operas within China there, over 50 types of drama with the more popular being Beijing opera, Kunqu opera, Shaoxing opera, Henan opera, Guangdong drama, Shanxi opera, Sichuan opera, Pingju opera, Jin opera, Shanxi local opera, Hanchu opera, Chaozhou opera, Fujian drama, Hebei opera, Hunan opera, Huangmei opera and Hunan flower-drum opera. The Beijing opera is seen as the quintessence of Chinese opera. The opera generally held in a theater.

Cinemas are built in many downtown areas and often screen famous foreign movies and well as the very popular Chinese movies. Large cities have museums and artistic centers for exhibitions of culture relics, photographs, paintings and artworks.

Municipal and district level cultural areas for children to foster their interests in the field of calligraphy, painting, photograph, music, dance, Chinese martial arts, model air plane, and sculpture and other Chinese cultural activities.

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