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Medicinal food is food which can be used for dietetic therapy, and is processed through cooking. The end result is a combination of Chinese traditional medical knowledge and cooking experience. Medicine borrows the power of food while food supports the power of medicine and turns "good medicine with bitter taste" into "good medicine with nice taste". It has nutritional value, and also can prevent or cure diseases, protect health, build up a good physique and prolong life.

TOPFeatures of Medicinal Food

Based on the theory of Chinese traditional medicine, medicinal foods place an emphasis on differentiation of symptoms and signs when using medicinal materials. Use medicinal food for reinforcing Qi in case of deficiency of vital energy and that for replenishing blood in case of deficiency of blood. Medicine and medicinal food supplement and complement each other.

The choice of food gives prominence to the theory of meteria medica. Choose food according to the characteristics of diseases. In case of febrile diseases, choose food with cold nature. For example, use wax gourd, balsam pear and mung bean to prevent and cure heatstroke. In case of cold diseases, select food with warm and hot nature, for example, use cassia bark and fennel when there is cold and pain in abdomen.

Medicinal foods guarantee that the elements of food not be destroyed as far as possible and bring into full play the function of food and medicine in medical and health care. The art of traditional cooking and the methods of steaming, boiling stewing and immersing are very important to ensure effectiveness.

Medicinal foods is aim to assist in curing diseases, protect health and build up the body. Medicine is required to cure diseases while medicinal food is used to aid in recuperation, to build up health and assist the medicine’s curative effects through proper diet during the period of curing diseases.

TOPFamous Medicinal Dishes

Longan, Tiandong, Maidong and Abolone Soup Rinse

Soak the abalone in boiling water for three hours, rinse and slice it. Then put all the ingredients in the stewing pot, add an appropriate amount of boiling water and put the lid on. Stew it over a slow fire for three hours and flavor it. Drink the soup and eat the abalone meat. It has the effects of replenishing the kidney, moistening the lung, nourishing yin and clearing heat. It is used for curing syndromes such as cough due to heat, thirst and insomnia caused by upset.

Lean Meat Soup with Dried Turnip Rinse

Cut lean meat into pieces; rinse dried turnip, coix lacryma-jobi, hawthorn meat; put all the ingredients into the casserole and add an appropriate amount of water; stew and flavor it before taking it. One feed each day. Keep taking it for five days as one period of treatment. It has the effects of degreasing and whitening. It is applied to oily skin and makes skin white, tender and smooth.

Turtle Meat, Lotus Seed, Gorgon Fruit, Medlar and Lily Soup Rinse

Lotus seed, gorgon fruit, medlar and lily; kill the turtle, get rid of intestines, rinse it, take the flesh and cut them into pieces; put all the ingredients into the pot and add an appropriate amount of clear water; after boiling it over a quick fire, add rice wine and refined salt; stew it over a slow fire for three more hours till the turtle meat is cooked to mush, and add monosodium glutamate and coriander; drink the soup and eat all the ingredients. It has the effects of replenishing the spleens, benefiting the kidney, nourishing yin and removing dampness. It is used for curing syndromes such as deficiency of the spleens, diarrhea, prolapsed anus due to dysentery for long, seminal emissions and spermatorrhea etc.

Longevity Soup of Pig's Liver Rinse Baji

Dried mushroom, medlar; rinse pig's liver and slice it; put all the ingredients in the casserole, add an appropriate amount of clear water, stew it over a slow fire till the pig's liver is quite ripe, add a small amount of monosodium glutamate and soy sauce to flavor the soup. Drink the soup and eat pig's liver and dried mushrooms. One feed each day. It has the effects of replenishing the liver, benefiting the kidney, building up the body and prolonging life. It is used for curing the syndromes such as body weakness due to prolonged illness, deficiency of liver and kidney and body weakness due to old age.

Ginseng, Antler and Chicken Soup Slice ginseng

Rinse chicken, strip its skin and cut it into dices. Put ginseng, chicken and antler slices into the stewing pot, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, put the lid on, stew it for three hours over a slow fire and flavor it. It has the effects of replenishing vigor, warming kidney and strengthening yang. It is used to cure syndromes such as extreme deficiency of vitality, deficiency and decay of kidney and yang, fear of cold, cold in limbs, impotence, premature ejaculation, sterility due to cold in uterus, frequency of urine and pain in low back and knees.

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