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Chinese Idiom
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Chinese idioms are the fixed phrases or short sentences in a language. The Chinese idiom has the fixed structure form and fixed statement which are used to express certain meanings and are phrases in the application as a whole. Chinese has a long history with lots of idioms, which is also a characteristic of Chinese.

The Chinese idioms are mainly made up of four characters. Those idioms more than four characters are a rare case, such as "Wu Shi Bu Xiao Bai Bu" -the pot calls the kettle black, "Yi Shu Ze Bu Da-Haste makes waste", "Zhui Wu Zhi Yi Bu Zai Jiu -having ulterior motives". It has something to do with the Chinese syntactic structure and single-syllable Chinese words.

Be an armchair strategist engage in idle theorizing:

Interpretation: Talking about a war on paper, analogy to talk about empty theory, unable to solve practical problems. The figure of speech means that an empty talk cannot become a reality.

Source: "the Historian, Lian Po and Lin Xiangru biography" records: Zhao Kuo, the son of the the famous general Zhao She in the Warring States, began to learn military strategics and could win over his father when speaking of the martial things. Afterwards, he took the place of Lian Po and became a general Zhao State. In the war of Changping, he commanded the soldiers according to book on the art of war and could not adapt himself to concrete circumstances, which resulted in being defeated utterly by Qin army.

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