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Chinese Wine
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The wine drinking vessel like many things in Chinese culture varies according to the social development in external appearance, materials and technological applied.

Bronze drinking vessel

Drinking vessel reached its historical peak during Western Zhou dynasty, driven by the bronze boom. Skillful artisans who were specialized in drinking vessel making came into existence.

Western Zhou drinking vessels were various in shape and use. The types of vessels used varied according to the occasion and the user. The design and the shape the vessel taking often symbolized the social status. Vessel with ornate ornamental design of tiger, dragon were often used by people at the higher rank of the social hierarchy.

Lacquer vessel

Lacquer quickly replaced bronze as the main material to make drinking vessel after the fall of the Western Zhou. Vessel made from lacquer followed that of previous time in shape. The use and appearance of wine-storing vessels and drinking vessel differed. The most common seen drinking vessel was the ear-shaped lacquer-made cup, which has been evidenced by both historical documents and findings at ancient tombs. Around 90 such cups were excavated from the Mawangdui Han Tomb in Changsha.

Han drinking vessel were shorter than its predecessor or followers, which was result of the very drinking rites of people sitting on the ground and putting the vessel in the front.

Clay Vessel

Clay was chosen later to make drinking vessel due to its superior quality to lacquer. The appearance of table for dining made it the on-table vessel necessary and possible. A kind of stoup-like vessel with beak and handle became the main wine at that time.

Other materials ever used to make wine container including gold, silver, ivory, jade.

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