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TOP Spread of Christianity in China    

As early as the year 635, Christianity had been introduced into China by way of Persian. However, since it failed to take deep root in the society and culture of China, Christianity hadn't been well developed all the time and even disappeared more than once. During the 19th century, Christianity was once again introduced into China from the west. Since the preaching activites were under the protection of unequal treaty of great powers, the church was controlled by Missionary Society and Christianity was despised and called "foreign religion" by Chinese people in China. In 1949, there were merely about seven hundred thousand believers in China.  

In 1950, Chinese Christians lauched the three-self patriotic movement and helped Chinese church walk up the road of independence and self-administration through self-management, self-support and self-propagation. During the period from 1966 to 1976, under the influence of the Cultural Revolution in the ultra-Left route, Chinese church life had been broken off for a time. In 1979, the church was recovered. In 1980, Chinese Christian Association was established.  

Chinese church has entered "the post-sectarian period" and sectarian organizations no longer exist in our contry. Belivers hold joint worship sevice. Moreover, Christians from varied belief and etiquette backgrounds practice the principle of "mutual respect"

For the past over twenty years, under the lead of the two Christian societies of the country (namely China Christian Three-self Patriotic Movement Committee and China Christian Association), all the undertakings of Chinese Christianity have developed vigorously. The whole country has now opened nearly fifty thousand churches, of which 70% are newly built. The total number of Christian has exceeded 16 million, of which those in rural areas account for more than 70%.

Up to the present, the whole country has eighteen theological seminaries and Bible colleges, of which the Jinling Xiehe Theological Seminary is a national theological seminary. Each college has nearly five thousand theological graduates, who are distributed in churches in all parts of the country or serve in theological colleges. 

TOPChinese Christian Churches

The two mainstream sects of Christianity all have churches in China. The church of Catholicism is also called Catholic church and the church of Protestantism is also called side chapel.

Beijing Southern Church :Located in Xuanwu Gate of Beijing City, it is the oldest Catholic church existent in Beijing. It was built in 1605 and later went through ruin and repair for several times. The existent ancient stele and the iron cross as high as four meters are the relics of the old church built in the Ming Dynasty.

Beijing Northern Church: Located in the Xisheku Street in Beijing, it is a Catholic church in the style of Gothic architecture.

Beijing Chongwen Gate Church: It was originally called Yalisi Church and changed into the present name in 1982. It is the first church established by Protestantism in Beijing. When American presidents pay visits to China, they once took part in religious activities here.

Tianjin Laoxikai Church: Located in the Laoxikai Zone of Heping District, Tianjin City, it is a Catholic church and the largest-scale church existent in Tianjin.

Ha’erbin Nigula Church: Located in the Nangang District of Ha'erbin City, it is a church of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Completely wooden structured, the existent building is the largest-scale of all the churches in Ha'erbin.

Shanghai Xujiahui Church: It is a Catholic church. Local people in Shanghai habitually call it Xujiahui Catholic Church. Located in Xuhui District of Shanghai City, it is the largest Catholic church in the style of Roman architecture in Shanghai.

Shanghai International Side Chapel: Located in Xuhui District of Shanghai City, it is a church of Protestanism. In recent years, the choir of this church has been very famous.

Guangzhou Shengxin Grand Church: Located on Yide Road of Guangzhou City, it is a Catholic church and the highest Gothic building in the country.

Guilin Christian Church: Located on Zhongshan Road, North. It's Sunday service begins from 8-10am, 10-12am.

House Churches: besides the above mentioned 3-self churches, there are many house churches in both cities and country side. It is estimated that there are more than 10% of Chinese population are Christians. But there are still a great number of  Chinese living in the country side have never heard about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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