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Hotels in China range from the luxurious five-star on the eastern seaboard to street guest houses with very basic conditions, in remote part of China. As you travel further west to places along the Silk Road or in Tibet, even 3 and 4 star hotels may no have a hairdryer for example, and complimentary drinking water may not be provided. Mini bars are a moving target, sometimes there and sometimes not, and the level of English spoken will vary.

Laundry: Laundry services are available in most hotels. Outside services are not recommended.

Electric Current: China uses a 220 volt 50 Hz cycle system so electric appliances from countries that use 220/240 will operate without any adopter. Appliances requiring 110 volts will need a transformer to operate. Hotels will not always have these. We recommend that you bring a transformer with you. Chinese hotels cater for most plug types.

Bathroom: Western Toilets are generally available except in the remote countryside. Toilet paper is usually supplied.

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