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Capital of ChinaBeijing

Abbreviation: Jing

Acreage: 16, 4272 square kilometers

Language: Mandarin

City Flower: China rose and chrysanthemum.

Climate: Beijing features temperate monsoon climate. It has clear distinctions among seasons and amiable weather all through the year. Summer receives most of the annual rainfall. The average precipitation in Beijing is 644 millimeters annually. Spring and summer are the two best seasons to visit Beijing.

Geographical Location: Beijing is located at 39°56' N and 116°20' E on the northwest edge of the Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolian Plateau, adjoining North China Plain to the south, and neighbors on Bohai Sea to the east. The average altitude of Beijing is 44.4 meters above sea level.

Administrative Division: it administers 11 districts and eight counties.

Religion: there are four Christian churches in Beijing. Beijing, which is abbreviated as Jing, is the capital city of China. It lies in North China and covers an area of 16,800 square kilometers. The southeast and northeast parts of Beijing are respectively characterized by plains and mountains, namely, Yanshan Mountain and Taihang Mountain. Beijing has a wet, temperate monsoon climate. The average temperature is 9℃-4℃ monthly while in July it rises to 25℃or so. The annual precipitation is 644 millimeters on average. Beijing is populated by many ethnic groups, such as Han, Hui, Manchu, and Mongol, etc. It enjoys developed industry and agriculture. The production of traditional craftworks has a long history and is famous for its exquisiteness.

History: Research findings show that the Peking Man, who lived in about 500,000 years ago, once settled for a very long time in Zhoukoudian Area of what it is now China. In the times of Spring and Autumn, Beijing was the capital of Yan State and called Ji; in Liao Dynasty it was named Nanjing; soon it was changed into Zhongdu as the capital of Jin Dynasty; 800 years later, Beijing became the capital city of Yuan Dynasty; in Ming and Qing Dynasty, it was respectively called Jingshi and Beiping (Beijing). It was not until the period of Republic of China that Beiping began to be called Shoudu, the Chinese pronunciation of the word "capital".

Geography: Beijing is located at 115°25' to 117°30' E and 39°26' N in the northern tip of North China Plain. It accounts for 16,807 square kilometers. The city center has the altitude of 43.71 meters above the sea. The annual average temperature is 11.5℃.

Administrative Division: Beijing can be divided into ten districts and eight counties. It is 150 kilometers off Bohai Sea to the east.

Special Local Food: The local food of Beijing has the characteristics of various cuisines. The most famous course features that in the royal court of Qing Dynasty, especially the "Qing and Han Royal Dynasty Feast". Besides traditional Chinese food, there are also dish of French, Russian, and American Style. Beijing Roasted Duck is a famous local dish widely favored by tourists at home and abroad. It is not only delicious but is good to health. In Beijing, you can find a lot of snacks, for instance, fried tripes, stuffed ham, bean curd, bean juice, fried pig liver, mutton on sheep's head, stewed pork, barbecue, fried cake, deep-fried twisted sweet dough, and pea jelly, etc. You can enjoy to your heart content the delicious local food which is high in quality but appropriate in price.

Local Art: Peking Opera is an exquisite artistic form characterized by rich content and various topics. It is the extract of other forms of opera and is more and more famous for excellent players. Peking Opera is the most representative form of Chinese opera and has wide influence at home and abroad. Some genres of Peking Opera are on comment of stories in history. They are short, but can present you with a rich atmosphere of life. Figures depicted by these genres are vivid and impressive. Their emotions are perfectly expressed through the performance of players in a unique aria. Therefore, Peking Opera receives warm welcome and applause all over the country and overseas. Peking Drama developed by Beijing People's Art Museum has strong and distinctive local characteristics. It is famous for a high degree of professional proficiency and wins wide applause from domestic and foreign audience. Comic Dialogue is another form of local art. It is also very popular and well known for acridity and humor in expression.

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