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Imperial Examination System

The Imperial Examination System for recruiting civil servants originated during the Sui Dynasty. The system, known as "Kai Ke Qu Shi", involved standardized, nationwide examinations held on a regular basis to select out the best candidates for the civil service from among the population.  >>Read more

Systems of Social Servants

In ancient China, the administrative systems of Central Social Servants were very complicated.

In the early administrative systems, which originated during the ancient Shang Dynasty, there were no specific officials responsible for political affairs, religion or other affairs. >>Read more

System of Local Civil Servants

The conventional view of China is that of a country alternating between periods of political unity and disunity. China was divided for long periods of its history, with different regions being ruled over by different groups. At times like these, there was no dynasty ruling a unified China and the recorded history is rarely as neat as it is portrayed. >>Read more


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Imperial Examination System Systems of Social Servants
System of Local Civil Servants
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