Qixi Festival

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Qixi Festival
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The Qixi Festival, which is held every year on the 7th of July according to the lunar calendar, is like the Chinese Valentine's Day.

Generally this night is warm and the shimmering Milky Way, flanked by the stars Altair and Vega, dominate the clear sky. The air is filled with the scent of blooming flowers, creating the perfect setting for the most romantic festival in China.

Gazing at Altair and Vega on this night is an old tradition in China. According to Chinese tales, the stars are a fairy named Zhinv and her beloved husband, Niulang who are only allowed to meet during the Qixi Festival. Chinese women place fresh fruit in their gardens and worship the beautiful and kind Zhinv begging her for wisdom, skill and perfect love in their lives. For this reason, the Qixi Festival is also called as Qiqiao (begging for wisdom and skill) Festival. It is said that on the night of Qixi, while Zhinv and Niulang can be seen in the sky, their conversation can be heard if you stand by the fresh fruit.

For the most women, love and marriage are the most important things in their lives; so praying to Zhiny on the night of the Qixi Festival is a popular undertaking.

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