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Beijing Charitable Association 010-62371733 62027651 Jia No.2, North Huayan Alley, Chaoyang District, Beijing City 100029

Tianjin Charitable Association 022-23415496 23415496 Ningfu Alley, House of Ning Family, Tianjin City 300381

Hebei Civil Administration Department 0311-8615565 7052699 No.35, Hezuo Road, Shijiazhuang O50051

Shanxi Charity Federation 0351-3084343 3084343 Jia No.4, Dongcang Alley, Taiyuan City O30072

Inner Mongolia Charity Federation 0471-4951134 4951134 No.315, East Wulanchabu Road, Huhehaote City O10010

Heilongjiang Charity Federation 0451-86663065 86656713 No.4, Haxitoudao Street, Nangang District, Ha’erbin City 150080

Jilin Charity Federation 0431-7938233 7938470 No.7, Jinyang Street, Changchun City 130062

Liaoning Charity Federation 024-23930471 23932891 No.260, Qingnian Avenue, Shenhe District, Shenyang City 110015

Xinjiang Charity Federation 0991-2862167 2887224 No.23, South Xinhua Road, Wulumuqi City 830001

Qinghai Charity Federation 0971-6107657 6107657 No.60, Xiguan Street, Chengxi District, Xining City 810001

Gansu Charity Federation 0931-8894336 8894336 the 11th Floor of No.29, Gaolan Road, Lanzhou City 730000

Ningxia Charity Federation 0951-5915549 5037862 West Shanghai Road, Yinchuan City 750001

Shaanxi Charity Federation 029-7294398 7294398 No.3-001 of the Building of Provincial Government, New Urban Area of Xi’an City 710004

Chongqing Charity Federation 023-69034119 69034119 The 8th Floor of Shengshijiayuan, Beiqu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 400013

Sichuan Charity Federation 028-84423021 84423021 No.55, Zhiquan Street, Chengdu City 610061

Yunnan Charity Federation 0871-5731401 5731401 Dabai Temple, Baiyun Road, Kunming City 650021

Guizhou Charity Federation 0851-6859184 6824760 No.1, Shibei Road, Guiyang City 550004

Welfare Office of Tibetan Civil Administration Department 0891-6815476 6836009 No.81, Middle Beijing Road, Lasa City 850001

Shandong Charity Federation 0531-6017243 6072949 No.1, Nanxin Street, Jinan City 250012

Anhui Council of Charity and Welfare 0551-2651269 2622867 No.87, Huoqiu Road, Hefei City 230061

Jiangsu Civil Administration Department 025-3307111 to 2042 3307111 to-2011 No.98, Shanxi Road, Nanjing City 210009

Zhejiang Charity Federation 0571-87024628 87912650 The 4th Floor of No.23, Youdian Road, Hangzhou City 310006

Jiangxi Charity Federation 0791-6102979 6100873 The 4th Floor of Artificial Limb Center, No.52, Dinggong Road, Nanchang City 330002

Fujian Charity Federation 0591-7551987 7568776 No.88, Civil Administration Department, North Wuyi Road, Fuzhou City 350001

Henan Charity Federation 0371-5909051 5956249 No.3, Zhengyi Street, Zhengzhou City 450003

Hubei Charity Federation 027-50657046 50657046 No.399, Xiongchu Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan City 430079

Hunan Charity Federation 0731-4502045 4534860 No.190, Dongfeng Road, Changsha City 410008

Guangxi Charity Federation 0771-2619042 2818453 No.49, Minzhu Road, Nanning City 530012

Guangdong Charity Federation 020-83337255 83337256 Courtyard of No.118, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou City 510030

Hainan Civil Administration Department 0898-65333315 65332606 No.59, Haifu Road, Haikou City 570204

Account Number for Donation of RMB:

Account: Ministry of Civil Affairs ( Special account for remittance and paying in of state revenue )

Account Number: 11001007400058224610

Deposit Bank: Sale Office of Dongsi Branch of Beijing, People’s Construction Bank of China

Account Number for Donation of Foreign Currency:

Account: Ministry of Civil Affairs

Account Number: 00100252328091014

Account-opening Bank: Sale Office of Headquarter of Bank of China

The Address of the Bank: No.1, Fuxingmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing City

Liaison Man and Telephone Number:

Hanyujiao 85203148

Wangguoli 85203138

Fax 85203147

Social Donation Office, Relief Department, Ministry of Civil Affairs

China Charity Federation Account Number for Donation

Account for Donation of RMB

Account-opening Unit: China Charity Federation

Account: 0200002809014450409

Account-opening Bank: Xisi Branch Office of Commercial Bank of China

Account for Donation of Foreign Currency

Account-opening Unit: China Charity Federation

Account: 00914908091014

Account-opening Bank: Sale Office of Headquarter of Bank of China

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