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  • China Train Search
    China Travel offers train schedule searches in real time. To make it easy for you, our database supports different search criteria: you can search either by train number, by station or by city. We also provide a comprehensive, city-by-city list of train stations throughout China.
  • China Weather Forecast
    Real time weather forecasts and general weather information for most regions, to help travelers plan their trips.
  • China Postal Code/ Telephone Area Code Search
    A complete collection of Telephone Area Codes and Postal Codes for all cities and regions in mainland China. This handy information is invaluable when making phone calls or using the postal services, either from within China or from abroad.
  • The World Time Search
    The World Clock shows the current time in cities, regions and time zones around the globe.
  • Money & Currency Converter new
    Usefel and up-to-date currency converter for travellers from

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Beijing 10 days Bold & Beautiful Tour

Destination: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Hongkong.

See the Bold Dreams of China's Ancient Emperors.

Price: from $2245 Inquiry

12 Days China Relaxation Tour 12 Days China Relaxation Tour

Destination: Beijng, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze, Yichang and Shanghai

Price: from $2175 Inquiry

China Travel Services

  • China Tours
    It's definitely not hard to book a China tour, but it's not always easy to find the "right" tour. China Travel currently offers over 80 exciting tour packages, including tours to every region of China, so that visitors can more easily find their "right" China experience.
  • Yangtse River Cruises
    A Yangtze Cruise boat will allow you to discover the essence of Chinese culture cradle and take in natural highlights. We have a lot of cruise packages. Booking of sailing alone is also available.
  • Booking China Hotels

    China Travel's sponsored hotel chain [Editor inserted: China Highlights] operates in 56 major Chinese cities, offering more than 1000 highly affordable hotels designed to suit the needs of every tourist, from the solitary traveler to those traveling in groups.

  • Booking China Flights
    Real Time flight search offers the lowest-fare online booking throughout China – and beyond!

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